Megan Trischler

About Megan Trischler

Megan Trischler is a human making a home in Cincinnati. Today, she collaborates with the good people at People's Liberty, a philanthropic lab that equips citizens to play a bold role in advancing their city and lifting their communities. Megan is passionate about shaping spaces, places and experiences that foster real human connection, growth and understanding. 

Megan's past work includes the development of PieLab, a pie shop, job-training center and cultural hub in Greensboro, Alabama, and the design and development of CoSign, an initiative that pairs small business owners with local artists and professional sign fabricators to install storefront signage in walkable urban districts. 

A simplifier at heart, Megan’s background in graphic design allows her to translate complex information into digestible visual solutions. 

Megan earned her BFA from the College for Creative Studies, where she’s also served as an adjunct professor.

When Megan's not designing, she's probably reading, hiking with her adventure partner D.J. or attempting to get her sourdough to rise.

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